Konomi Koyama
nickname:Konomi-san, Kono

Vegan History
Becoming Vegetarian in the Spring and Summer of 2017
Vegan since summer 2017.

How I became a vegan
2016. When I saw the scene in Osamu Tezuka’s “Buddha” where the rabbit offered his own life for the sake of humans, I suddenly thought, “Perhaps one day I will become a vegetarian.” It was something that had never occurred to me before, so it was a very memorable event.

For health → for animals → for the environment
Progressing in stages of

I was deepening my knowledge of food while working as a yoga instructor after changed job from my IT industry, and at the same time working as a diet support person, when I came across “Fit for Life” by Harvey Diamond and Marilyn Diamond (translated by Mamiko Matsuda, Gusko Publishing) and put it into practice. Then, the stomach pains that had plagued me since middle school immediately disappeared, and I realized the power of plant-based whole foods. After a few months of transition, I became a vegetarian.
I almost quit having dairy and eggs, but still ate some. I was at the stage where I did not know the effects on animals of taking dairy and eggs.

Then I read “13 Chapters to Answer the Question of Vegetarianism: Changing Lives, Changing Ways (by Shelley F. Korb, translated by Taichi Inoue, Shin Hyoron)” and was shocked. I was astonished to learn what happens to bulls that do not produce milk and male chicks that do not lay eggs, and I wondered why I had lived my life completely unaware of this until now. From the very moment I learned this, I became a vegan.

A year after becoming a vegan, I opened my current restaurant and became more and more interested in the environment.

Good things about being vegan
Many things have become simpler and so much easier to live with. Always, I feel good!

My favorite vegan meal
Thin pizza with tomato sauce base and lots of vegan cheese and arugula, natto bowl with lots of condiments, tantanmen, curry rice, toast with lots of unsweetened peanut butter, cold tofu with nutritional yeast, soy sauce and olive oil, fried tempeh, green curry, curry noodles like khao soi, oat porridge, figs.

Favorite Vegan and Sustainable Goods and Spots
Pineapple leather purses, apple leather bags, clothes from STUDIO R330 produced by Laura, down from SAVE THE DUCK, hand-spun hand-woven pesticide-free cotton towels,
Vegan Cafe PQ’s (I love the atmosphere, the staff, the food, everything!)

What I recommend Marugoto Vegan
We are able to welcome and see you off with a cheerful smile.
All of our staff members are vegan, so we can truly be there for our vegan customers. Even if you are not vegan, we can share our real experiences and real life stories with those who are interested in veganism.

I would be happy to see such a future!
I think it would be wonderful if we could have a world where everyone did not exploit living creatures.
Everyone has their own choices, and I don’t want to force it on anyone. I just want everyone to be aware of the effects of consuming animals. Just as I myself was not a vegan from the beginning, I think everyone has their own timing, and I think it would be wonderful if that timing comes for everyone someday.
I would be happy if Marugoto Vegan could be a catalyst for that, even if only a little.

Message from me
We want to tell many people that veganism is delicious, fun, and makes you feel good.
Since Marugoto Vegan is mainly a restaurant, we want to convey this message through food first.
I chose food as one way to tell many people about this pleasant way of life called veganism.
I think that communicating about veganism is very important and difficult at the same time. Especially about animals. So I hope to start with a delicious and enjoyable dining experience, and gradually provide people with an opportunity to learn about animals and the earth.

However, the number one reason why I will live as a vegan for the rest of my life is still,
“I don’t want to eat animals, I can’t eat animals, because I feel sorry for them, I feel it’s unnatural, and I don’t feel good at all.”
This is something that I have never really expressed before, but now that my vegan history has deepened, I thought I would like to put it into words, so here it is.

Countries (cities) I have lived in
Thailand (Chiang Mai)

Other countries (cities) I have been to
Thailand (various), India (Kolkota, Varanasi, Ajanta, Ellora, Hampi, Delhi, Rishkeesh), Malaysia (Langkawi), Indonesia (Bali), Vietnam, Korea (Seoul, Busan), Austria (Vienna), Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest)


Leader/Sweets Manufacturing and Korean communicator
Hikoro Ishii 
Joined in December 2022

Vegan History
Vegan since September 2020.

How I became a vegan
It all started when my sister, who had already chosen a vegan diet, sent me a video explaining veganism in an easy-to-understand manner, saying, “If you have time, check it out ♡.
I had never heard of veganism, but when I watched the video, I was shocked to learn about the environmental issues, hunger, factory farms, and animal exploitation.
I thought that someone might be starving or animals might be suffering because of my choice, and from that day on, I too became a vegan.
At first I didn’t know what I was doing, so I learned a little bit at a time, and until today, I have made it my goal to continue to do so without any difficulty.
I want to be a flexible vegan rather than a stoic vegan.

Good things about being vegan
I have always loved to eat, but since becoming vegan, my pleasure in eating good food has increased.
I am very happy when I find vegan menus in cafes and restaurants, or when I find vegan-certified products in stores.

My favorite vegan meal
・KOMEDA is □’s Seared Soy Meat Lemon Sandwich
・Doutor’s Soy Meat Sandwich
・Starbucks Sugar Donut and Banana Rice Flour Muffin

Favorite Vegan and Sustainable Goods and Spots
Ethique shampoo bar
Okinawa Organic Cosmetics RUHAKU’s Getto series

What I recommend Marugoto Vegan
It is vegan & gluten-free & without five pungent roots, so it is a safe place for a wide range of people to enjoy!

I would be happy to see such a future!
I would be happy to see a future in which people respect each other’s various food styles.

Message from me
What do vegans eat? Can’t they eat good food? We want to blow away the image of veganism!
So please come to us! Please come to Marugoto Vegan!

Countries (cities) I have lived in
Korea (Seoul)

Other countries (cities) I have been to
Thailand (Bangkok)


Hall staff / Weekend Morning Kitchen staff / English and Chinese communicator 
Rei Sakamoto 
nickname:Rei-chan, ReiRei 
Joined in July 2023

Vegan History
Vegan since about 2022.

How I became a vegan
Working in a clair farm in Australia, I witnessed the suffering of the animals behind the “delicious” food.

Good things about being vegan
Inevitably, the move away from white sugar and dairy products has improved my skin condition and I no longer feel guilty about the animals!

My favorite vegan meal
Soy meat with yangnyeom style rice bowl
Overnight oats (I enjoy changing the flavor depending on my mood!)

Favorite Vegan and Sustainable Goods and Spots
Hair salon whyte (vegan beauty)
I also recommend VENUTS that you can eat there!

What I recommend Marugoto Vegan
Delicious and safe food that you can eat without worrying about any animal products!
Furthermore, a place that caters to all needs, such as gluten-free, five pungent roots-free, etc!

I would be happy to see such a future!
I would love to see a future where vegan options are commonplace on menus at supermarkets and stores, and vegan is no longer a special option!
I hope that the current sense of value, where it is considered a good thing to own luxury leather and fur products and eat high quality meat, etc., will change!

Message from me
What I want to share with you is that I am still enjoying delicious and satisfying meals now as a Vegan. In fact, I am more comfortable and healthy and mindful every day that I spend with creativity, cherishing each meal more than ever before.
And I believe that my choices will change the future. This is true even for small purchases we make in our daily lives, and the future will gradually change depending on what we pay for and what industries we support. Let’s work together to support choices that are good for animals, the global environment, and our own and our loved ones’ bodies!

Countries (cities) I have lived in
China (Beijing), New Zealand (Wellington, Auckland), Australia (Melbourne)

Other countries (cities) I have been to
Korea, Taiwan


Hall staff / English OMOTENASHI communicator 
Akiko Fujikawa
nickname:Aki-chan, Akko-chan
Joined in March 2024

Vegan History
Vegan Since: 2020

Reason for Becoming Vegan
During a farm stay in Canada, my vegetarian friend shared with me the harsh realities of animal agriculture, including the impacts of dairy and egg production. Learning about these hidden truths that I was previously unaware of was shocking. It made me realize that I did not want to inflict on animals what I myself would dislike experiencing. This inspired me to adopt a vegan lifestyle, especially after discovering that one can enjoy delicious meals without meat. Creating vegan dishes has since become a source of joy and inspiration in my life.

Benefits of Being Vegan
I enjoy feeling lighter and less prone to colds. Most importantly, I value making choices that are kind to the Earth, animals, and my own body, which has increased my happiness.

Favorite Vegan Meals
Homemade natto, Buddha bowls, spring rolls, ramen, lentil Bolognese, raw chocolate bars, kale tahini, and green smoothies.

Favorite Vegan and Sustainable Goods and Spots
Kassai Chimaki in Omori.

Why Marugoto Vegan is Recommended
I would be happy to see such a future!
Marugoto Vegan is like a beacon of light, offering a place where everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, allergies, or lifestyle choices, can dine worry free. I hope it continues to be a welcoming spot for many and dream of a future where veganism is a normal, accepted choice in a kind and diverse society. I look forward to a future where the era of eating meat is a thing of the past.

Message from me
Choosing a vegan lifestyle has been the best decision of my life. I believe that making choices that are considerate of the Earth and animals will ultimately return to us. I am committed to enjoying and living out my vegan lifestyle authentically.

Countries (cities) I have lived in
Canada (Calgary, Toronto, Prince Edward Island)

Other countries (cities) I have been to
USA, Argentina, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Malta, Indonesia Bali, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore


Kitchen staff / Spanish communicator
Ayumi Ohnuma 
Joined in March 2024

Vegan History
Vegan since End of 2020

How I became a vegan
I first learned about the concept of veganism after watching the video “The Most Important Speech in the World,” which was recommended to me by a friend.
As Costa Rica taught me about the spirit of nature conservation, I was first surprised by the number of vegan options available in everyday life in Costa Rica. Then, as I toured vegan cafes and tried to imitate and make them, I realized that there was nothing but appeal and made the transition.
Later, when I had a near-death experience with ayahuasca, I was convinced that what my purified body really wanted was a vegan diet and that I would continue to live as a vegan.

Good things about being vegan
My mind and body feel so much lighter and I love being physically active!
My quest for good food has also become stronger than ever!

My favorite vegan meal
Falafel, buckwheat, fu, mushrooms, cassava, tropical fruits

Favorite Vegan and Sustainable Goods and Spots
innisfree’s Mineral Pact
Glazing Melting Balm by rom&nd
Laka’s mono eyeshadow
I love Korean cosmetics because they are cute and vegan!

What I recommend Marugoto Vegan
Marugoto Vegan is a place where there is a lot of attention and love for a variety of food styles that can be enjoyed by many people!

I would be happy to see such a future!
I hope that the appeal of veganism will spread more widely and become a natural part of our daily lives.

Message from me
I want to tell many people that veganism is not difficult and can be enjoyed easily! There are many delicious vegan foods, and I would be very happy if you are interested in them!

Countries (cities) I have lived in
Mexico (Guadalajara), Costa Rica (San Jose)

Other countries (cities) I have been to
Spain (Sevilla, Granada), Cuba (Havana), Austria (Vienna), Poland (Warsaw, Krakow), Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest), Korea (Seoul), Taiwan


Hall staff / Marugoto Vegan Ambassador
Yuki Igarashi 
nickname:Iga-chan, Yuki-san 
Joined in February 2020,Resigned in March 2024

Vegan History
I have been a pescatarian since January 2020.
Although I still eat or buy animal products in some cases,
I have always been concerned and thinking about the exploitation of animals in my heart,
I have been calling myself a vegan since about 2022.

How I became a vegan
Around November of 2019, a woman on Instagram was talking about veganism,
There, I saw for the first time the “behind-the-scenes process of how milk reaches our tables”.
I was shocked to realize that I am an “animal lover,” knew nothing about it, so I began to do a lot of research and made a drastic lifestyle change the following year.

Good things about being vegan
I have changed my mind about the choices I have to make when buying food, daily necessities, clothing, etc., and I am now able to make choices that do not harm the animals as much as possible.
Some of my physical ailments have also improved!
I have also been enriched by having met wonderful senior people and friends who are truly kind and have dreams and goals for their lives.

My favorite vegan meal
Enzyme brown rice cooked at home, miso soup with kombu dashi broth filled with vegetables, special natto rice topped with shiso leaves, flax seeds and roasted sesame seeds, tofu avocado tomato bowl (how many times have I repeated this?!) ), koya tofu cutlets, veggie mapo tofu, french fries, and additive-free potato chips,
Marugoto Vegan’s spice-filled curry (a big hit even with the real Indians!) Veggie falafel, Konomi’s special falafel without five pungent roots.
I can’t even begin to list them all! I love to eat!

Favorite Vegan and Sustainable Goods and Spots
・Herb-dyed clothing (haruki)
・Coral-friendly and skin-friendly sunscreen (Little Hands Hawaii)
・Animal-free laundry detergent (ecostore)
・Organic hair salon in a handsome neighborhood
・Universal Bakes, which offers a wide selection of vegan baked goods (Setagaya-Dyota, Shimokitazawa)

What I recommend Marugoto Vegan
The store is not too big and cozy, so we can see and talk with each customer face to face.
I am happy that customers tell me their personal stories, such as why they came to Marugoto Vegan or what problems they usually have as vegan, because it mean they feel “comfortable at here.

I would be happy to see such a future!
The earth does not belong only to us humans, but also to all living creatures on the earth.
We hope to create a world overflowing with love and compassion, where people, animals, insects, and all other living creatures can understand each other, support each other, and help each other live.
Animals have families and friends, they have feelings, and they feel pain and suffering,
I hope that as many people as possible will know this and take action,
I will continue to learn more and more every day, while staying close to the people in front of me, and create the world that I aim for.

Message from me
Veganism is not something special, but rather a way to extend one’s compassion not only to people, but also to animals, the global environment, and so on.
When someone or something is thankful for what you have done, or when you feel happy, it makes you feel warm and happy…?
Don’t you feel warm inside?
If the world becomes a place where even just one more person can feel that kind of feeling
I am sure that by the time you realize it, the world will be a place where you, your family, friends, strangers, animals, and plants can all live with a smile on your face.
I would be happy if you could start by enjoying yourself at Marugoto Vegan Dining Asakusa without any difficulty (laugh) and start living a life that is kind to people, animals, and plants.


Exclusive web designer 
Sou Takahashi 
nickname:Sou-chan, Sou 
Joined in April 2019,Resigned in December 2023

Vegan History
Vegan since Fall 2020.
(Sometimes I eat with gratitude, such as when I receive something as gift or eat with someone else.)

How I became a vegan
I started at Marugoto Vegan as a part-timer, not even knowing the word “vegan,” and at first I was carrying hummus thinking, “What is this? (Laughs)
From that kind of thing, I learned many things about the world derived from food at this restaurant.
The dishes and staff meal that Konomi-san makes are so delicious that I began to imitate them at home as well ✨

Good things about being vegan
・I don’t have to worry about whether to buy them at the supermarket or convenience store anymore.
・ Washing dishes is easy.
・”There is a reason why they are cheap.”
I got into the habit of thinking about the roots of my life, and it has broadened my interests and my life.
I have started to search, find, and select things by myself, instead of being influenced by something.

My favorite vegan meal
Sweet potato, yam, tofu, natto, rice

Favorite Vegan and Sustainable Goods and Spots

What I recommend Marugoto Vegan
It is a place that values connections and relationships.
The staff and customers are the best people to come to this restaurant💕

I would be happy to see such a future!
There is a very nice Native American teaching that says, “Think seven generations ahead. It is not “my food” but “our food,” and not “my house” but “our land.
I would be happy if we could pass on to the next generation that the earth was the best place on earth, and if we could live in a world where we can express ourselves as we feel, with gratitude for being kept alive 😊

Message from me
One realization that I have gained from the many things I have experienced here is that when you fill your life with more choices as you feel them, you become aware of your heartfelt intentions.
I feel that most of the people I meet here are such people who value their own sense of self. My life has really changed a lot since I started work here!


Keisuke Koyama
nickname:Koyama-sensei, Diet ouji

Vegan History
Vegan since July 19, 2020.

How I became a vegan
My day job is a diet trainer, but I cracked my toe during my own insta-live while declaring an emergency for the Covid-19. One of the ways to enhance healing ability and heal the injury quickly is fasting, but I thought I would not be able to do it due to my work schedule, and then I met again with the owner Konomi, who is now my wife and an apprentice in the diet business. I can’t fast, but I’ll try a vegan diet to improve my healing ability! I started to try veganism casually at first.
I found that my bone fractures healed faster, my intestinal environment was shockingly improved, and my body and mind became wonderfully light.

But actually, I have been living with a large dog for a long time,
I always felt that it was strange to eat the same animals as my dog, no matter what kind…
When I was driving with my dog in the car, I was stuck in traffic on the highway,
At that time, a truck with many fat and plump pigs, which were probably being shipped out, drove alongside the truck for almost an hour,
As I looked at them, I remember feeling that it would be a little strange to eat them.
The pigs had various symbols written on their backs in paint, but they all looked like they were having fun and frolicking in the back of the truck, which made me feel even more complicated.

Because of that feeling, the transition to a vegan lifestyle was fairly smooth.

Good things about being vegan
As a professional health supporter, I am very happy that my own health is in great shape, and I feel good about being kind to animals and the environment.

My favorite vegan meal
Vegan meals cooked by my wife

Favorite Vegan and Sustainable Goods and Spots
Pineapple leather wallets
ROLA-produced STUDIO R330 clothing
Adidas sneakers (Adidas has stopped using real leather!)

What I recommend Marugoto Vegan
The food is vegan, the restaurant is vegan,
The staff is vegan too, the whole place is vegan!

I would be happy to see such a future!

I hope the word “veganism is kindness” will spread.
Kindness to yourself,
Kindness to animals,
Kindness to animals,
Kindness to the earth.
Message from me
Not that veganism is paramount,
In other words, not the goal,

(1) Live a healthy and happy life for yourself!
(2) Make the earth easy to live for all living creatures including human beings!
(3) To make the earth a place where we can continue to live for a long time!

In order to achieve the most precious thing of all:
“Vegan life looks good!”
I hope to convey this message to as many people as possible.