konomi koyama (小山このみ)

[Food Style]
2017 Vegetarian since spring, vegan in summer of same year.

[Favorite food]
Natto (fermented soybeans and rice), curry, ramen noodles, mushrooms (especially fresh udonoko, abalone mushrooms, maitake mushrooms), pak choi, shiso leaves, myoga, garland chrysanthemum, nori, kombu, avocado, cashew nuts, brussels sprouts, fermented foods in general, beer

Selecting cookware, admiring tableware, looking for processed foods that are actually vegan, Dracula, traveling, and identifying things by smell.

Although I am now happily immersed in the food industry, I was originally an IT professional with a desk job for many years.
I was never interested in vegetarianism or veganism.
Toward the end of my thirties, I started practicing yoga, and my life changed. From there, I successfully lost weight (my trainer at the time was Keisuke Koyama!). ), and my diet became much healthier with more vegetables and fruits. From there, I took the plunge and became a yoga instructor, which led me to work not only in yoga but also in diet support, mainly giving dietary advice.
It was during this time that I came across Natural Hygiene (an American health theory that recommends a plant-based diet).
Just by looking at the theory, I knew that this would surely solve my long-standing stomach pains and other ailments. I was hooked! I put it into practice, and in no time at all, all my ailments were gone! And I even got my ideal body shape!
I realized the power of plant-based diet, learned what veganism is, and as a matter of course, this became my life.
By chance, I was able to own a restaurant only a year or so after becoming vegan. That is Marugoto Vegan Dining Asakusa (formerly THE FARM CAFE).
When we started as a vegan specialty restaurant in 2018, most of our customers were tourists from abroad and the awareness of veganism was quite low in Japan, but since then, with Corona and other events, many people have become more health conscious and veganism has become much more recognized.
With the number of companies entering the vegan industry increasing at a rapid pace, my desire to convey a proper vegan diet that is not only plant-based, but also truly healthy and natural for the body and soul, has increased even more! I am now even more determined to share my passion for vegan food that is not only plant-based, but also healthy and natural for the body and mind.
I am very happy and love being able to meet and talk with you in person at the store.
However, I would like to deliver my passion and taste to a wider range of people who are not able to come to our stores due to distance, Corona, and other reasons. I want to deliver this feeling and taste to a wider range of people who are not able to come to Japan due to distance problems and Corona. (Simply, I really want people to try it because I think it’s really delicious myself (^^) And since it is safe and secure without additives, I can recommend it with pride.)
Starting with Marugoto Vegan, we will enjoy spreading the delicious and healthy vegan food and this simple and pleasant vegan lifestyle to more and more people, while having fun ourselves!

💌Message to everyone

All of our products are simple, delicious, and natural. We would be very happy if our products could make you smile, even if only a little, and if that smile could make someone else smile as well.



Whole Vegan Dining Asakusa (formerly THE FARM CAFE) Ambassador

Iga chan  instagram : @tawayuki

[Food style]
I try to choose and prepare my daily meals with a focus on additive-free and vegan foods as much as possible. It is difficult to achieve perfection because I have to live with my husband, but I try to take in foods that are kind to my body and mind as much as possible.

[Favorite Food]
Avocado burger at Marugoto Vegan Dining Asakusa (formerly THE FARM CAFE) (everything Konomi-san makes ♡)

Singing, learning about veganism and health

[Self introduction]

Nice to meet you! My name is Igarashi, and I am in charge of the hall at Marugoto Vegan Dining Asakusa (formerly THE FARM CAFE). I am a bit of a goofball and often cause trouble for Konomi-san, but…! I always try to stand at the restaurant with a smile on my face and cherish each and every encounter with customers.
The year before last, I discovered the vegan lifestyle and learned about the reality of how animals are treated on a daily basis and how they are transformed into “food.
As I mentioned earlier, I live with my husband and we are not completely vegan, but we still eat fish on occasion. However, this year I am trying to gradually reduce the frequency of such consumption.
I have also made up my mind not to buy anything made of sheep’s wool or tested on animals when it comes to clothing and daily necessities.
When people think of veganism, they tend to focus only on the food, but veganism is a way of life that does not exploit animals as much as possible. So, please, come and join us! We hope that those of you who have found your way here will make choices not only in terms of food, but also in terms of other things, with as much consideration for the animals as possible.
It is difficult for anyone to suddenly turn their life upside down, but making conscious “animal-friendly choices,” even if only a little at a time, will not only protect the animals, but will also protect our own health and the global environment in the end. It will not only protect the animals, but also protect our health and the global environment.
I know this is a long story, but I will continue to do my best to spread the word about the wonderful vegan lifestyle to as many people as possible!

💌Message to everyone

Thank you for finding this site. And you are so lucky☆.
The meals produced by your hands are truly delicious! We hope you will try them.
Let’s enjoy the vegan lifestyle together and spread the word!


Mainly in charge of the kitchen / Kae is actively involved in daily social activities

Kae   instagram: @lialfh.22
(Graduated in January 2022)

[Food Style]
I try to eat in a way that is kind to my body and the planet, including where the food I eat comes from and its impact on the environment!

[Favorite Food]

Running, yoga, traveling, mountain climbing in summer and fall…

[Self Introduction]
Hello!!! I played lacrosse for about 5 years in high school. I still love to move my body.
I shifted to a vegan diet in the spring of 2020.
Since changing my diet, I’ve started thinking a lot about animals, environmental issues, and physical health, and I try to make daily choices to help the planet and someone else with my life, even if it’s just a little!
I always loved to eat and still do, and I hope that as many people as possible can see the good and fun in this lifestyle.

💌Message to everyone
We look forward to seeing you all at Marugoto Vegan Dining Asakusa (formerly THE FARM CAFE).



Mainly in charge of the kitchen & the store’s exclusive web designer, Sou.

Sou (想) instagram :

[Food style]

[Favorite Food]
Tofu/Sweet Potato/Fig

Making something,writing

[Self Introduction]
I am currently 20 years old and a student.
I enjoy working at Marugoto Vegan Dining Asakusa (formerly THE FARM CAFE) because I learn a variety of things every time I work there.
Since I started working at Marugoto Vegan in April 2019, I have had the opportunity to learn from Konomi-san about the natural taste of the ingredients themselves, and the things I choose to eat have gradually changed.
She has taught me that the choices we make have a great impact on our state of mind and our thoughts.
I believe that simplifying the way we eat not only makes us healthier, but also reduces the number of choices we have to make and broadens the scope of our actions. In this sense, I have recently been thinking that vegans are minimalists in terms of food.

💌Message to everyone
I’ll keep working hard to bring the deliciousness of Konomi’s cooking to lots of people!