About Gluten Free,Halal Compliance,Five pungent roots

About Gluten Free

Currently, there is only the use of soy sauce made with wheat.
There is some soy sauce contamination in the kitchen.
From 2023, we plan to make all dishes served in the restaurant gluten-free. Please contact us for the latest information.
Please note that we do not operate as a completely gluten-free restaurant.
Therefore, we cannot promise that all dishes will be gluten-free.
Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our food is safe for customers with severe allergies.
Please understand that we cannot guarantee that our products are safe for customers with severe allergies.

・Wheat products

We do not use wheat flour in our kitchen.
We do use wheat flour for our bread, but we purchase it from a nearby bakery.
(We have stopped offering bread since November 2022.)
In-store production, which contains wheat as an ingredient, is not
Soy Sauce, Fried Soy Meat, and
The only items that contain wheat are soy sauce, fried soybean meat.
Soy sauce and salt are served with tempura (or tempura ricebowl).
If you cannot have soy sauce, only salt will be served.
Fried soybean meat is already seasoned with soy sauce.
It is then fried in deep-fried oil (odor-free coconut oil).
Therefore, there is contamination in the deep-frying oil.
The same oil is used to fry
Falafel, Tempura (Tempura of lunch plate and Tempura of Tendon), 
and Sweet Potato Doughnuts.
Based on the above, we would like to ask you to
If oil contamination is not a problem, we can serve all items on the menu except for bread.
(Tempura is served with seaweed salt.)
Menu items that do not use fried oil are
Mixed green salad, curry, hummus, Avocado and Mushroom Paste.
If you do not want to use fried oil contamination, please contact us.
If you do not want to use deep-fat fryer oil contamination, we can prepare it separately depending on the number of people and the date of your visit.

Please contact us in advance.

・Other seasonings

We use miso, but only rice miso.
We use brown rice with minor grains.
We do not use cereals that contain gluten.

About Halal Compliance

All dishes are free of alcohol and pork. (All ingredients are vegetable-based).
Alcohol is used for disinfection of cooking utensils and tableware, and for disinfection of tables and the restaurant.
We do not use any Halal seasonings.
Please make your own decision whether or not to use our restaurant in light of the above.
The owner and staff of this restaurant have attended a Halal training course sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

About Five pungent roots (in Buddhism or Taoism)

All of our in-store menu items do not contain garlic, leeks, onions, chives, or rakkyo.
Some of our original frozen foods available in our online store and in-store may contain garlic.