About Gluten Free,Halal Compliance,Five pungent roots

About Gluten Free

All of the food served in our restaurant and all of the products sold in our restaurant are gluten-free.No gluten-containing ingredients are used in the kitchen.However, please note that we do not operate as a completely gluten-free restaurant, so we cannot promise that allergy sufferers will be satisfied. If you have a severe allergy, please check the following and make your own decision.

Ingredients and seasonings
●Seasonings and other ingredients may have been contaminated at the factory during the production process.
●Beer is not gluten-free.

About Halal Compliance

All dishes are free of alcohol and pork. (All ingredients are vegetable-based).
Alcohol is used for disinfection of cooking utensils and tableware, and for disinfection of tables and the restaurant.
We do not use any Halal seasonings.
Please make your own decision whether or not to use our restaurant in light of the above.
The owner and staff of this restaurant have attended a Halal training course sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

About Five pungent roots (in Buddhism or Taoism)

All of our in-store menu items do not contain garlic, leeks, onions, chives, or rakkyo.
Some of our original frozen foods available in our online store and in-store may contain garlic.